Chaos A.D

Meant to be the follow up to Serpentine Dream Theory but never finished. Includes 8 new missions with tons of new content :) Should be used as an expansion pack for Serpentine Dream Theory.

You can grab it here.

Or on moddb here.


  1. Chaos A.D. is excellent.

    It’s worth getting for the “Graveyard Palace” mission alone - its scratch-built, triple-level “” is the
    BEST GR MAP I’VE EVER SEEN, and the mission is cutting-edge. Give this guy an award already!

    “Hungry Night” and “Where The River Ends” are also 100% custom and damn good.

    It’s a shame more of this wasn’t finished. The unused “barracks” map design looks awesome.

    Thanks for helping keep Ghost Recon a badass shooter after all these years!

  2. Mr Moon has brought to my attention that the map for “Graveyard Palace” and other mission maps in Chaos A.D. were done by “Tinker”, and are available in the “Rockall” expansion pack. Just goes to show how much great stuff is available for GR that I haven’t got to yet!