Kriegsmaschine Götterdämmerung

Presenting the worlds first WW2/horror/tactical shooter.
Based heavily on the likes of the Wolfenstien universe, Kriegsmaschine Götterdämmerung is a unique, challenging and at times frightening experience.

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Four very challenging missions arranged into a campaign or playable as single missions through single player or co-op (Although not heavily tested in co-op)

Dozens and dozens of new characters from heavily armored and gas masked SS troops to menacing zombie super soldiers!

New Ghosts and hero characters.

Custom music and sound effects add to the creepy ambience.

Four custom re-textured maps.

New menu art.

Intro movie and campaign outro movie.

Gorgeous new effects courtesy of Wombat.
- Ghost Recon v1.4.0.0
-Desert siege and island thunder addons
-War of Infamy v2.4 

Want to say a big thank you to Wombat50 for playtesting the hell out of this and providing some beautiful textures for both the maps and effects and generally helping me out of some tight jams with bugs in the past.
Also big thanks to everyone over at, if you want to play some really high quality Ghost Recon mods head over to the download section and take your pic from hundreds of awesome campaigns, total conversions, maps and single missions.
Head over and take a look ;)
Checkout the moddb page here for more pics and videos.
Any problems or bugs, maybe I forgot to check something, get hold of me on here and Ill get right on it ;)
Happy hunting.

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